Other rom hacks

Here I have listed almost every rom hack (except for Dark Energy) which I have either finished or canceled. Crystal Redesign was the first somewhat big hack I completed, and after that, I didn't know how to quit :D
Today, the only project I'm working on is Dark Energy, and I started with that sometime after I quit with Dark Future (G).
Below letters C, G, R and S stand for being hacks of Pokemon Crystal, Gold, Red and Silver.

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Active Battle System (GSC) (2011) Download
This is a small hack that contains two patches - one for applying to either Pokemon Gold or Silver and another one for applying to Crystal. The hack changes the battle mode so that you won't be allowed to switch pokemon while your enemy is about to send another one in.
Buu's Fury - The Hard Way (2013) Download
This is a hack of DBZ Buu's Fury that makes the game a lot more difficult than originally. It makes all enemies a lot stronger, but also weakens the characters you play with, and makes them unique in their own way. Goku can for example be easily made one of the strongest guys, but his weak point is that he is slow as a snail.
Christmas Hack (G) (2012) Download
This is a small hack of Pokemon Gold that I canceled, and as of now, looks like I will never finish. It's really short (playing won't last for more than 10 minutes if even that), but it contains neat scripting and a couple of places to explore.
Chrono Trigger Impossible (?) Download
I don't even remember when I made this one, but this is probably the oldest rom hack I completed and have still around. What this hack does is to change Chrono Trigger (U) rom into a nightmare (not literally!). All the enemies get much tougher, and if you don't watch it, you could die at the hands of the very first enemies you encounter.

If you like challenging RPGs, go for it. It's not that well balanced everywhere, but the end result is okay, I think.
Crystal Redesign (2008) Download
Crystal Redesign, the first one of several Pokemon Crystal rom hacks I made back in the day (2008 - 2010). This hack basically changes the look of almost every map in the game, changes the wild pokemon you encounter and makes trainers a lot tougher as well.

Since this was the first hack I made, and I didn't understand much about concept of a "good game" back then, there are some silly tricks here and there. For example, to reach Union Cave, you have to walk through a block that looks like it is part of mountain wall while in fact, it is not.
Crystal World (2008 - 09) Download
Crystal World, my second Pokemon Crystal rom hack (after Crystal Redesign). Improvement to Redesign? Probably not.

Just like Redesign, this hack changes the looks of almost every map in the game, and makes trainers a lot more difficult. What's more, you can select your starter pokémon as either Articuno, Zapdos or Moltres. But what the hack also does is to change types of almost (if not) every pokémon in the game! So if you feel like playing this one, have "fun" with types of pokémon being different than they originally were.

So just like with Redesign, I didn't understand much about making good games when I made this one. I luckily improved afterwards :)
Dark Future (C) (2010) Download
My first more serious hack of Pokemon Crystal (after Ultimate End) that I happened to quit in the middle of making it. The hack got half-complete, and you can gain 8 badges and compete in the Pokemon league.

The reason I quit this one is that I couldn't get the grasp of scripting using Crystal as the base rom, and yet, I wanted this one to big something more than just a text hack compared to my earlier Crystal hacks. At that time, Pokemon Gold and Silver had a map editor (GoldMap) that served my needs better, so I switched off to editing Gold.

As an interesting thing to note though, Dark Energy was previously called Dark Future, and I changed the name of that to Dark Energy in 2012.
Dark Future (G) (2010) Download
Yet another attempt (after Dark Future (C)) to create a better rom hack than just one with new text, maps, trainers and such. I succeeded in scripting new events, but had to give myself up with difficulties connecting maps with one another, and scripted events not recurring after they had been gone through before.

This hack is really short (just like Christmas hack), so there is not much to see, but try it out if you like.
Legend Version (C) (2009) Download
Legend Version is my fourth Pokemon Crystal rom hack (after Pikachu Edition). In my personal opinion, this hack is the most entertaining one to play which you can find out here in this page!

Although no text has been edited, Legend Version provides a fun adventure with lots to do and neat places to see. The mapping is good and trainers are not too difficult to beat. Try it out - I bet you will have fun!
MissingNo Challenge (R) (2010) Download
This is a small hack I made for trying out new things. It contains basically one challenge battle, but after that, you can continue with the game normally (from the beginning) if you like to. If you do so though, you'll be more overpowered than you can image, hahha! :D

I believe this hack only works with VisualBoyAdvance, and to get it running, you have to do IPS patching as usual, but also make sure, the rom you have after patching is called MissingNo.gb and you have the MissignNo1.sgm file in the same directory with the rom file. After this, you can open the rom file and you should be able to load save state from slot 1 by pressing F1. This takes you to Oak's lab, and the battle may begin...
Nuzlocke (S) (2012) Download
This is a small hack that tries to implement the Nuzlocke rules in the game. What it does is to make it so that you can't get Revives (or Max Revives) anywhere, and if your pokemon faints in a battle, it will be gone forever after the battle ends.

A similar effect takes place when you receive pokemon eggs in the game (which is basically a bug). If you don't hatch the egg you receive in the room where you get the egg, it will be gone after you leave the room. But if you manage to hatch it inside the room, the pokemon will have more than 0 HP when you leave the room and it won't be counted as fainted. Thus it won't be removed from the party either.

Also, this patch may work fine with Pokemon Gold as well, but I'm not totally sure.
Pikachu Edition (C) (2009) Download
Pikachu Edition was the third Pokemon Crystal rom hack I made (after Crystal Redesign and World). This one is my first rom hack that has more effort put into it. Although it doesn't do anything drastical, the maps are better compared to those two, and besides, it doesn't contain silly things either (see what I mean by reading descriptions of Redesign and World).

In Pikachu Edition, you can experience pretty standard pokemon gameplay. You start off with Pikachu which evolves by level to Raichu, but Raichu happens to evolve afterwards as well! I wonder what the third form could be?
Ultimate End (C) (2009 - 10) Download
Ultimate End is my fifth Pokemon Crystal rom hack (after Legend Version). While Pikachu Edition and Legend Version were pretty neat to play and the difficulty level in them was sort of similar to the original games made by Gamefreak, this one returns the same kind of madness involved in Redesign and World. This one may actually require even more grinding than they do.

The reason I made this like so was to have a challenging game to play even if you can turn out the emulating speed really high (> 5000%) and grind fast that way. So if you're able to do just that, this hack might be made for you.

The changes in this hack are similar to those of Pikachu Edition and Legend Version; almost all areas have new looks, new trainers, wild pokemon, and so on. No new text or scripts here though.
Yellow Reborn (2010) Download
This is a somewhat short (ends in Lavender Town I think?) rom hack of Pokemon Yellow I made for learning purposes, but also for fun. I don't even remember anymore what I changed exactly, but you can be prepared for new maps, trainers being changed, new wild pokemon, text, and some more neat stuff as well.

Could be fun! :)
Zombieland (G) (2011) Download
This is a really small rom hack of Pokemon Gold that I made in purpose to see, what could be achieved by making a rom hack where the following condition holds; the IPS-file generated with the information of all the stuff the hack includes may not exceed the size of 1 KB. That probably won't say much to players in general, but rom hackers and others interested in IT know what I mean.

What this hack basically offers is the ending of a fictional Pokemon game involving zombies, so that the player should still be able to follow what may have happened before.