What happens if you mix a traditional Pokemon game with an RPG such as Final Fantasy or Chrono Trigger?
The answer is right in front of you...

Pokémon Dark Energy

Hack of: Pokémon Silver (U)

Pokémon Dark Energy is an RPG game that is implemented as a rom hack on top of Pokemon Silver.
The gameplay concentrates on development of the story rather than your usual Pokemon adventure where you travel from town to town collecting badges, and eventually, challenge the Elite Four.

See Storyline and Features sections for details. ReadMe covers other interesting things to know.


Welcome to the world of Suden!
It's year 1571, and it's been around a thousand years since the great war, The Crisis, ended. The world has had a long lasting peace, but now, shady character Maxime has founded an organization for his mysterious plans - to collect magical Elemental Orbs that no one else seems to know about.

A year later, archaelogists, working for the university of The Capital, discover an interesting writing in Rocky Mountain. The writing describes the same Elemental Orbs Maxime had already known about. One thing leads to another, and eventually, the main character and his classmate end up journeying to the Rocky Mountain in order to help the university do research on the Elemental Orbs. Little did they know, their simple task was yet to become an epic, and hazardous adventure..




Pokemon Dark Energy offers a unique gaming experience by mimicing that of Final Fantasy series. There are lots of quests and the game focuses on development of the story rather than "traveling from town to town". Most gameplay related things are yet borrowed from the original game the hack is based on, Pokemon Silver.

Below, you can find information you might want to know before starting to play. This information contains both changes to the way the game engine works, and some other matters you might otherwise miss if you didn't notice them being mentioned here.


You can finish 8 sidequests alongside the progression of the main story. A rumor is that if you complete at least 3 of them, something might be unlocked.. Finishing all the sidequests doesn't serve for any special reason, at least not yet. But each sidequest gives a handy reward on its own!

Pokémon Changes
  • Trade pokemon always obey
  • "Trade-evolution" Pokemon evolve either by leveling them up, or by giving them proper evolution stones.
  • Eevee and its evolutions have had lots of changes. These changes are revealed in the game itself.
  • Magikarp evolves by Water Stone, and learns a few extra moves. One of the sidequests involves using Magikarp, and thus these changes have been done.
  • The base stats of RBY and GSC starter Pokemon have been weakened a little bit.
  • Goldeen and Seaking do not learn Waterfall.
  • The upper forms of Pokemon, which evolve by evolution stones, learn the same moves their first forms do. As an example, both Pikachu and Raichu learn Thunder although only Pikachu learns Thunder in original Pokemon Silver. Thus if you obtain a stone evolution Pokemon, you may evolve it even if that Pokemon hasn't learned its best moveset yet.
Move Tutors

Three early gym leaders have Pokemon with special moves they can't normally learn. You are however able to get the same Pokemon with the exact same moves if you go to see the leaders carrying those Pokemon.


If you get stuck, you should try talking to people around the area, and see, if someone can give you advice, how to progress forward. But if you run out of options, you should check the FAQ below.


There are loads of people who have helped by various means over the years by testing, drawing graphics, giving advice, and so on. I can't remember everyone who I should give credit for, but I tried to list some important names over the years.

  • BlueEmerald came up with loads of grammar and text improvements for early parts of the hack. He also drew some overworld sprites I have used.
  • Chamber implemented most of the current title screen in use.
  • Poketto, and Roareye designed some battle sprites.
  • Pum ported lots of midi music tracks to be playable on G/S/C music engine and has let me use the ones I have liked to.
  • bisball, jwibagi, and plenty of others have helped with testing, and coming up with new ideas.
  • Tauwasser, and Luna gave lots of advice back in the day to get started.

Apart from everyone above, I'd like to thank all my other testers, and the following guys on the list. Getting help has been awesome!

Graphical help
  • Solar
  • Cheestendo
  • Pia Carrot
  • Ben
ASM help
  • IIMarckus
  • Koolboyman
  • Sawakita
Tool makers
  • Lin
  • Harrison
  • score_under

And of course you for having interest in my rom hack! Hope you have fun time playing it!

Do yo need help to get the hack running?

You'll first need a Pokémon Silver (U) rom, and an ips patching utility such as Lunar IPS. Open the utility, and apply the Dark Energy Beta 5.01.ips patch onto Pokémon Silver (U) rom. Then you can play it via any GBC emulator.

Ips-patching utilities

Pokémon Silver (U) rom is something you can find by googling.


FAQ contains some spoilers, and it's thus hidden by default.
Can you think of something else that should be covered in FAQ? Let me know for example in Discord server.



Beta 5.01 is an almost bug free version. Most bugs are so minor they don't really affect the gaming experience. There are however lots of small grammar errors out there due to the fact that I, as the creator, am not a native English speaker.

Have you noticed errors you'd like to report? First check if the error you noticed is already listed here. If it's not, you can for example mention it in the Discord server.

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Beta 5.01 Download
Most up-to-date release from March 2019. Unlike originally available Beta 5.00, this one doesn't crash in player's room on My OldBoy emulator. No other changes between these two versions have been made.
This release offers hours and hours of gameplay, but the hack isn't complete yet. See FAQ for extra details.
Save file close to Granaldo City Download
In case you had played Dark Energy Beta 4 before, and don't want to start over from the beginning, you can continue with this save file that is close to the point where main quest ended in Beta 4. There have been some interesting changes to Beta 4 content though, so you could also consider starting to play right from the beginning.

You unfortunately won't be able to continue with your own Beta 4.1 save file. There have been so many changes to Beta 4 content that making such thing possible would have been time-consuming and even quite difficult. In order to avoid work that would have simply gone to waste for future players, I decided to instead provide you this save file you can use if you really want to.

To make the game recognize this save file, just put in the same directory with the rom file, and give it the same prefix. As an example, if the name of the rom file is "Dark Energy Beta 5.01.gbc", name this one "Dark Energy Beta 5.01.sav".
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