What happens if you mix up traditional Pokemon gaming with the RPG style of Final Fantasies, Chrono Trigger and all that?
The answer is right in front of you...

Pokémon Dark Energy

Hack of: Pokémon Silver (U)


You're a 19-year-old university boy from the Southern Edge of The Capital. The Capital is the biggest city in the world we live in, Suden.

The game itself starts surprisingly with a cutscene, not involving the main hero in it. It looks like some strange fellow, Maxime, has come to see Mr. Burton, one of the richest people in all of Suden. Maxime tells him about 5 precious stones, Elemental Orbs, that are scattered across the world. He couldn't seek out the Orbs all by himself so he asks if Mr. Burton paid for building an organization which could look for the Elemental Orbs in their place. Mr. Burton isn't interested about the idea at all, and asks Maxime to leave. Suddenly, some strange light knocks Mr. Burton down and when he awakes, he surprisingly accepts Maxime's offer. Maxime, then again, couldn't even "feel anything". I wonder what that was about? But thus, Team Darkness was born.

Finally, the game begins with the main player, a 19-year-old university boy from The Capital, the biggest city in world we live in, Suden. The player gets a phone call to go to see his professor at the university due to an exceptional found in Rocky Mountain in eastern part of Suden. The finding is old writing about Elemental Orbs and how they were created around 1000 years ago. Due to how the timeline in the game works, no one should have heard of the Elemental Orbs by now, not even Maxime..

And the further you progress, the more you'll start discovering about the Elemental Orbs, a thing called The Crisis and disappearance of energy in the past. What does all this mean? Find out by starting to play already today!


Read Me before playing!


Pokemon Dark Energy offers a unique gameplay experience by mimicing that of Final Fantasy series;
There are lots of quests and the gameplay is focused on development of the story rather than "traveling from town to town". Even so, most gameplay related things are borrowed from the original game the hack is based on, Pokemon Silver.

Below, you can find information you might want to know before starting to play. This information mostly contains changes to the way the game engine works. After all, you could normally assume several things function the way they would in the game the hack is based on.

Naming Characters

There will be situations when you can give a name to a certain person. If you give it an "empty" name and click END, a default in-game name is picked for that person.

Battle Modes

There are two battle modes you can choose from - Normal and Active.
The current battle mode can be changed by opening Options from the Menu.

Move Tutors

Certain people, who have pokemon with moves they couldn't normally learn, can teach your pokemon the same abilities. Only a few may do this though.


There are 7 sidequests you can finish in this beta. A rumor is that if you complete at least 5 of them, and talk to a certain person, something might be unlocked... Other than that, finishing all of the sidequests doesn't serve for any special reason, at least not yet. But every sidequest as its own gives you a handy prize!

Pokémon Changes FAQ

Usually when you think you got stuck, try talking to people around the area and that should give you the "keys" to move forward.
But if you, for one reason or another, run out of options, you can check the FAQ below.


Apart from everyone above, I like to thank all of the following guys on the list. Getting help has been awesome!

Graphical help: ASM help: Tool makers:

And of course you and everybody else who has taken their time reading all this!
Hope you enjoy the hack!

Need help in getting the hack running?

You'll need a Pokémon Silver (U) rom and an ips patching utility to apply the "Dark Energy Beta 4.1".ips patch to the Pokémon Silver (U) rom for the game to work.

Ips-patching utilities





Beta 4.1 is almost bug free version. However, it does contain one simple bug that is a major one which could be fixed by editing a single byte. This will be removed in the next release.
When you get to Milky Village and are asked to open the gate to the farm, always open it! If you choose No, the game will freeze due to a pointer glitch.

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